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Support Center

Welcome to our Support Center. Here you can easily find answers to questions about our website and products.



  • What is the cost for shipping outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
    • Shipping costs vary according to total weight and country the goods will be shipped to, according to aramex policies. You can find more shipping info in this blog article. 
  • What is the cost of Yatooq coffee per kilo?
    • Each coffee bag weighs 250 gm and costs 27 SR. The standard cost per kilo (4 bags) is therefore 108 SR. However, we do provide special offers. If you buy 4 assorted bags, you get them for 100 SR. Also, the 6-pack (from the same flavor) costs only 150 SR.
      Shipping costs vary according to total weight and country the goods will be shipped to.
  • When done preparing the coffee, it comes out too light or cold. Why is this happening?
    • Please check the amount of coffee with the right amount of water. If the ingredients are correct and the problem persists, kindly contact our maintenance department to receive the latest update for the coffee maker. 
  • Do I have to use Yatooq coffee blends or can I use other coffee?
    • For best Arabic coffee results, use Yatooq Arabic coffee blends. You can use your own coffee blends, just add all spices together with the coffee such as cardamom 
  • How long do coffee blends last?
    • In reality coffee is does not expire. In general, freshly roasted coffee gives you the perfect cup. Yatooq coffee blends have a year and half shelf life.


  • What is the difference between Yatooq Arabic Coffee and a regular water kettle?
    • Yatooq® Arabic Coffee Maker is not a water kettle. It's designed specifically to brew Arabic coffee. It controls the brewing cycle and regulates heat using patented formulas to give your coffee the right amount of heat at the right amount of time, resulting in a fine Arabic coffee cup. Yatooq® Arabic Coffee Maker uses mathematical equations and physics formulas to brew coffee.
    • Users no longer need to constantly tend their coffee pot using Yatooq® Arabic Coffee Maker, as it controls coffee over-spillage.
    • Cleaning your coffee maker is easy and convenient with the Stain-less steel filter, which helps you filter coffee grounds. It enables you to clean your  machine with a simple rinse.
    • The user can control Arabic coffee brewing time to his preference, by choosing between different brewing time options (5 minutes – 10 – 15 – 20).
    • You can still boil your water with Yatooq® Arabic Coffee Maker. However, it is not recommended because the coffee maker generally holds the       spices Aroma of Arabic coffee.


  • I am in the United States, how can I get my hands on your Dallah?
  • My Yatooq  Arabic Coffee Maker boils only once, is it broken?
    • Yatooq Arabic coffee maker controls heat with precision. After the coffee comes to boil for the first time, medium heat is applied to the coffee to brew slowly according to the brewing time selected (5, 10,15 or 20 minutes).
    • Contact us at the service center to help check your coffee maker.
  • When done preparing the coffee, it comes out too light or too cool. Why is this happening?
    • Kindly check the amount of coffee vs amount of water. If the ingredients are correct and the problem persists, kindly contact our support team to receive the latest update for the coffee maker.
  • Where can I find the user manual for Yatooq Coffee Maker?
    • You can the find the user manual inside the box of the Yatooq Coffee Maker.
  • What is the bank account number for Yatooq?
    • You may transfer the amount to any of the bank accounts mentioned below:

      Riyadh Bank
      Madinah Al-Munawarah St, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      Yatooq Co.
      Bank Routing Code: RIBLSARI


      Al-Ahli Bank
      Bilal Ibn Rabah St, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      Yatooq Co.
      Bank Routing Code: NCBKSAJE


      Bank Account Name: YATOOQ TRD EST
      Bank Name: THE Saudi British Bank
      Bank Routing Code: SABBSARI
      Bank Location: SA
      Account Number: SA66-4500-0000-0114-9294-9001
  • How can I order Yatooq Products from outside Saudi?
    • You can order through our website (yatooq.com). In case you do not find your country, you may send your order details and personal info to orders@yatooq.com, Or call 920004339.
  • Can Yatooq products be found in Danube Khobar?
    • Yes, they are available in Danube Khobar.
  • When has Yatooq Co. been established?
    • Yatooq Co. has been established in March 2011.
  • How much does a Yatooq Coffee bag weigh?
    • A Yatooq coffee bag weighs 250g.
  • How can I follow up with my order?
    • You can login to our website with the email and password which you have entered while placing your order. Then, navigate to the "My Orders" section to check the status of your order. You may also call 920004339, and we will be happy to serve you.
  • How much does Yatooq coffee cost per kilo?
    • Yatooq coffee is sold by bags which weigh 250g. The price of a bag differs according to the amount of coffee you would like to purchase. For pricing details you may check our "store" section.
  • What do you mean by: "6 pack", "4 pack", "cloves", "ginger"?
    • We sell coffee in bags so "6 pack" means 6 bags of coffee.
  • Where can I find Yatooq in Buraydah?
    • You may purchase Yatooq products at Extra, Saco or Al-'Amma Mizna in Buraydah. You may also order our products online through our "store" section.
  • Do you provide coffee catering services?
    • No, we do not provide such services.

Contact our support team

support@yatooq.com reply within 24 hours Sat to Thurs
+966 55 5044245 receive calls (8am to 4pm Sat to Thurs)