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Yatooq's Story


.. Yatooq Arabic coffee is easy to make

Yatooq is a young innovative coffee startup focusing on Arabic coffee, which is most famous coffee drink in Saudi and the Arabian Gulf region : Kuwait, Qatar, UAE,  Oman, and Bahrain


Arabic coffee is not your usual black coffee as it made of blond coffee beans and a bunch of spices that are slowly brewed. Arabic coffee is served in every social function, from simple friends gathering all the way to large weddings. Its entwined in the culture, has its own serving etiquette, and some people even dedicate their careers as coffee caterers and servers.

We enjoy having the blond spiced  coffee, but we hated the long brewing process and the inconsistency in taste. Arabic coffee is delicious to have but not so easy to make. The brewing process takes up to 30 minutes and is still done manually. One out of ten times we would perfect the coffee. We wanted to know why, and from there it all started. We began our research,  talked to experts, knocked the doors of roasting houses and factories, attended training courses. We decided to make enjoying the perfect fenjan easy for everyone. For some of us, Arabic coffee is for us to enjoy not to make.

Yatooq aims to bring innovation to the Arabic coffee experience. It introduced its first line of ready-made Arabic coffee blends in July 2011. Yatooq Arabic coffee blends enable anyone to brew good tasting, consistent Arabic coffee anywhere, anytime in 3 simple steps!

We did not stop there, since 2011; we have been developing the first Arabic coffee maker, using technology developed in our Saudi labs. After extensive testing and quality assurance, we have successfully launched the first automatic Arabic coffee maker! We hope that this initiative can lead to more projects aiming to localize technology.

 .We hope you enjoy Yatooq's Arabic coffee


Founder and General Manager

Lateefa Alwaalan